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Heyday Classics is a modern brand that adds value to the heritage of the classic vehicle industry while transcending generations of enthusiasts. 

While growing up, Brandon Horvath, founder of Heyday Classics, watched his father bring home a different classic vehicle each month. No matter the make, model, or condition, the real connection for Horvath was the story behind each. 

Heyday Classics strives to connect with classic vehicle enthusiasts wishing to relive their heyday.

Heyday Classics understands the true definition of a "classic vehicle" and works to secure a wide range of inventory through its classic vehicle consignment program. Additionally, Heyday Classics sources non-mechanical classic vehicle parts to be used to further an enthusiast's passion of restoring his or her dream to reality. 

Coming soon! A full lifestyle apparel brand dedicated to the veteran and newcomer hobbyist. 


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